Watch us doing what we love! It is fun to share our adventures and give you a behind the scenes view into the process of how we capture our images. We get into some crazy situations sometimes (well, as much as possible), so enjoy these!
"Honu Heaven" Behind the scenes!
This is from our French Polynesia / Tahiti trip. You can see some footage of the massive schools of sharks and it's also where we took "Poke Pig":
One of our most recent trips to our bucket list spot, the Galapagos, incredible!:
We weren't scuba diving for this one but it shows us taking images of Jaws here on Maui. Shot during a  60-70ft swell from a door-less helicopter which got ridiculously close to these monster waves!:
Some cool footage of an unexpected happening while on a dive boat in the Galapagos. School of Silky sharks hanging off back of the boat:
Great white shark diving off the coast of Mexico at Guadalupe island, nuts! Here Sharky, Sharky, Sharky:
We were featured on this cool show called, "Wild About Animals" with Mariette Hartley:
Video of Marine Iguanas in the Galapagos. Pretty much swimming dinosaurs:
John talks a little about our gear and camera selections:
Dan explains some about the importance of strobes when shooting underwater: