Maui Avalanche


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We had to hang out the side of a helicopter to capture this image during one of the biggest swells that Hawaii has seen in the last 10 years. The giant swell was nicknamed "The Brock Swell" and it brought waves over 60 feet tall to a world famous Maui spot called Jaws, or Peahi in Hawaiian. We have a friend who happens to be an amazing helicopter pilot and hockey goalie who took us out during this massive swell to capture some images.  As it goes with hockey goalies, he is a bit daring and a touch crazy which is exactly what it takes to get close to a wave like this in a helicopter.  After encouraging him to get closer and closer, we found ourselves literally getting wet from being so close. Thankfully we were strapped to the helicopter because there were no doors and we were standing outside on the skis as we dipped down low in between waves and then quickly bounced up and over the huge waves. Niccolo Porcello is the amazing surfer looking like he's being chased by an enormous avalanche. Niccolo was so excited about this shot that he gave us the surfboard that he was riding in the shot, it now hangs above the image in our Paia Gallery. The power and force of this image are undeniable, "Maui Avalanche" Check out the video below.

60ft+ wave - Peahi Bay, Jaws, Maui - Canon 5dsr - 24-70mm - Helicopter

  • Free Shipping US/Canada
  • limited edition
  • dye-infused aluminum print
  • unparalleled vibrancy and luminosity
  • 2 mounting options
  • archival for over 100 yrs
  • waterproof, clean with microfiber and glass cleaner
  • scratch resistant
  • hand signed and numbered by the brothers