Paia Gallery closed

It is very sad for us but our Paia gallery is now closed. The pandemic stopped all tourism on Maui for the last 7 months and we decided it was best to close our doors. We hope to open back up again in the future, when the island is bustling again. Until then, please follow our social media accounts and get on our mailing list to stay in touch. We will also be showing at the Four Seasons Resort Wailea again soon.

Call or email if you are on island and we would be happy to do private consultations and help find you the perfect pieces!


Limited Edition Dye-Infused Metal

The Cesere Brothers want you feel as if you were in the water next to them when they captured each image. The dye-Infused aluminum process helps achieve that sensation making the images look so real and vibrant that they are truly the next best thing to actually being there.

Images here all shown in euro mount, ready to hang, high-grade aluminum infusion.