You & Me Bronze Sculpture with Koa and Granite

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This is an original bronze sculpture made by Dan Cesere with elegant Koa wood carved "seaweed" pieces sitting on a granite base. Originally molded from prima pastilina clay, the two turtles, who are looking at each other adoringly, are forever cast in solid molten bronze with a lost wax process. The cute turtles are finished off with a timeless and unique swirling patina. The four separate "seaweed" pieces Dan carved from the unique Hawaiian Koa hardwood which is known as the wood for Hawaiian royalty. All pieces are attached to a 2-inch thick and 13-inch round granite base making a timeless and unique piece for your home.

-2 Hawaiian green sea turtles cast in solid bronze finished with patina

-4 Koa hardwood "seaweed" like pieces

-1 round granite base

-Size: 17" tall x 15" wide x 13" deep

-Weight: 38 pounds

Bronzing: an ancient & timeless process:

  • Based off an original Cesere Brothers image "You & Me"
  • Dan Cesere created armature and detailed clay model for 3 months to make a 3D representation of the turtles in prima plastilina clay
  • High quality silicone Rubber Mold
  • 3-5 coats of heated wax to make Wax Positive
  • Chasing the Wax
  • Ceramic Shell made from slurry solution
  • Pouring the Bronze
  • Chasing the Metal to ensure detail
  • A timeless Patina


*This is unique and one of a kind. First come, first serve for existing sculpture. After original sells, others can be made but expect a few months for delivery because of bronzing process and hand carved process which will also result in slightly different koa pieces making each one unique and special.


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