Float vs Euro Mount Explained


Standing ankle deep in the warm Fijian water, the world seemed to pause. The ocean waves subsided giving way to a flat, inviting sea. The sun settled in behind the clouds and cast it's last few rays across the sky, painting the wispy clouds in a vibrant display of color. I remember exhaling and holding my breath briefly as I pressed the shutter to capture this image of pure tranquility.

Today, this image hangs in the office and helps me find peace when life gets stressful. I simply take a deep breath and stare into that sunset and imagine myself in the dinghy as I momentarily "Escape" and clear my head. It helps me be the best parent, spouse, brother, friend, photographer, business owner, and person I can be.

The pieces looks great large too - Add this image to your collection today!
  • Free Shipping US/Canada
  • limited edition, 750 small prints & 750 large prints
  • dye-infused aluminum print
  • unparalleled vibrancy and luminosity
  • 2 mounting options
  • archival for over 100 yrs
  • waterproof, clean with microfiber and glass cleaner
  • scratch resistant
  • hand signed and numbered by the brothers

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