Palau 2022 - December 11th-18th


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Palau is on the list of one of the top places to dive on the planet. In fact, its dive site called Blue Corner is in the conversation for the best in the world. Palau is known for having some areas with currents that can produce large numbers of sharks, mantas, and large schools of fish. Plus, it also boasts World War II wrecks and undersea caves to explore. The average water temperature is 82°F/27°C! Diving in Palau is great year-round, but it’s best in the dry season from October to May, so December is a GREAT time to go! Palau has been high on our list of places to visit for a long time and we’re excited that you’re coming with us!

Come join us in Palau from December 11th-18th, 2022.

Here are some more details directly from the Aggressor website:

Please email us if you have any questions what so ever:

** Beginner divers may find Palau’s strong currents challenging **

** The final price will be $3,800 which will include almost everything on the yacht. There will be a Maui option/add on as well, for those who want to do a little more diving with us on Maui prior to Palau - that price is still being worked out and depends on numbers **