Float vs Euro Mount Explained


This Pygmy Seahorse is as small as a grain of rice but cuter than a bag full of puppies. There is a high degree of difficulty on this one. We were in 105ft of water on the side of a wall, in a ripping current, taking a picture of this seahorse, which is literally only a half inch in size and camouflaged perfectly in this sea fan. We used our 100mm macro lens with a 10x diopter stacked on top of a  4 x diopter in order to achieve a "super macro" magnification so that this tiny seahorse could fill the frame. Trying to stay still enough to shoot this shot on land without a tripod would be very hard; trying to shoot this shot 105ft underwater in a strong current while your brother tries to hold you from floating away, makes this shot pretty special.  "Sweetheart"

Pygmy Seahorse - Sulawesi, Indonesia - Canon 5dMII - 100mm, 10x, 4x diopters - Subal Housing - S&S Strobes

  • Free Shipping US/Canada
  • limited edition
  • dye-infused aluminum print
  • unparalleled vibrancy and luminosity
  • 2 mounting options
  • archival for over 100 yrs
  • waterproof, clean with microfiber and glass cleaner
  • scratch resistant
  • hand signed and numbered by the brothers